Crafting Personality Part II: Traits, Quirks, and Habits

E.E. Cummings Quote

  What up, Artists? Let’s continue our discussion on building a character’s personality. Since we’ve already talked about differentiation, we can now go on to talk about all of the other parts of personality. I’m talking about traits, quirks, mannerisms, habits, preferences, and everything else. It’s a lot to take in so let’s try and […]

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The White Moment


Did you ever wonder how an athlete could keep going, through pain, through fatigue, through injury and disappointment? Or how an actor could push on through rejection, crap reviews, tabloid smut, through everything? How is it that a basketball player could practice his jump shot again and again and again? And how can you get […]

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Cody DiGerolamo: White Top Cabin

Cody DiGerolamo

Los Angeles native and talented young singer-songwriter, Cody DiGerolamo, electrifies listeners with time tested folk influences shaken up with modern elements of alternative, world, and electronic music.  Since the release of his 2012 full length album, Word Color, Cody has released two EPs and continues to play live around the Los Angeles area.  More information […]

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