Politely Naked, Juicy Licks

Politely Naked

Ready for some rocking music? Or as they say juicy music! Politely

Naked is a new LA band that loves to groove and have a good time! These guys kill the stage live and promise to get you on your feet dancing and making memories. With their raw rock sound and fast “juicy” guitar licks, they are bound to be the next big band here in sunny Los Angeles. This power trio is hitting the web with their first single, I Wanna Know on March 22nd. This is the perfect jam to play while hanging with friends or just for playing air drums on your steering wheel in the car. This group is solid, talented and ready to party. Jay’s intense passion for the guitar shows when he bends the string practically breaking one every show. Angel, having an incredible musical background, stays true to the deep mellow bass lines. Keeping them all on time is their man, Ray, with his sparky personality. Always ready to move forward, Angel and Jay are constantly coming up with new and creative licks and songs. If I could describe Politely Naked in one word, that word would be Juicy. When they take the stage, the show becomes an instant party due to their spontaneous knack for adventure. Their music has a great energy and vibe to it. Being a musician I would definitely support Politely Naked and recommend them live as their performances deliver. I imagine we’ll soon hear this band on radio stations like ALT 98.7 or KROQ. Their natural love for music is completely inspiring to a musician like myself and new single, I Wanna Know, is a perfect spring break and summer jam!


For more on Politely Naked, including future releases and upcoming shows, visit www.PolitelyNaked.com or visit their Facebook Page.


– Max Silver

Max Silver is a guitarist and lead singer for Deep Fryd Dynamite and works as a sound engineer for Soapbox International.

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