Connecting artists of all talents in the spirit of collaboration & cross-promotion, inspiring creativity and action by providing knowledge, resources and outlets for achieving one’s artistic goals, Artists Underground is run by Chelsea Cohen, a Los Angeles-based artist with a passion for artists.

We began Artists Underground as a Facebook group forum for artists to share, encourage and inspire each other. The group began to grow and artists loved that they had an outlet to share their ideas, their successes and their works with fellow artists and art lovers. It became a great way to connect, to promote, to share resources and to foster collaborations and creative relationships.

Beyond hosted events and contests and our online Facebook presence, there are field trips, newsletters, and group art projects in the works.

Artists Underground is for artists by artists. If you would like to learn how to get involved or you have any interesting tips or resources that you feel other artists would benefit from or if you have suggestions for how we may improve this site or otherwise provide what you as an artist are looking for in an artistic community please feel free to contact us. We would love to hear from you!

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Write for Us!

We’re always looking for passionate, knowledgable and opinionated writers to help us bring more to information, inspiration and resources to the artistic community. Find out more on our Write For Us page.

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C.R. Cohen’s love affair with words and the arts has lead her on a lifelong journey as a poet and writer and an art activist, founding Artists Underground, to bring networking, resources and advice to artists, and joining forces with Soapbox Nation to provide creative career consultations and artist services to help artists get further faster.

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3 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Interesting start to a site. I’ll check back again later. I’m an artist myself and like looking around. Thanks!

  2. Andrea Zastawny says:

    I have strong interest in fashion design and am thinking about a line and a fashion show to introduce it. Also want to collaborate with other Fasihon Designers to join in the b Fashion Showcase. Any Fashion Designers in your group?



  3. Hi Andrea,

    Visit our Facebook group. There are tons of artists there to connect with! You may be able to connect with other Fashion Designers as well as hair & make-up artists, photographers and models. I am always seeing these artists post up collaborative photos of their work with other artists and designers both in Fashion Apparel and Jewelry! Here is the link: