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C.R. Cohen’s love affair with words and the arts has lead her on a lifelong journey as a poet and writer and an art activist, founding Artists Underground, to bring networking, resources and advice to artists, and joining forces with Soapbox Nation to provide creative career consultations and artist services to help artists get further faster.

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2 thoughts on “Event Artists 2012

  1. Hi Chelsea,

    Is this the actual order in which everyone will be performing? Of the poems I submitted for consideration, I think I should do Mother’s Voice on Season’s Wind (short, and the title poem of my book), Have a Good One!, and Thanksgiving, in Crystal (since you especially liked that one). During the open-mic part, presumably we will be allowed to read again and pick ones of our own choice; how long will each artist get during the open-mic phase? Looking forward to this; you’ve worked so incredibly hard to bring this–and all of us–together!

  2. Hi Henry!

    This list is in no actual order. I will be sending out the order to all the artists soon. You will be going on at 6:30. =)
    The selection sounds great! Anyone will be able to go up to the open mic with one piece including the feature performers, time allowing. We are of course going to be giving the not feature performs the first chance to go up and share! We are limiting to one piece so that everyone who wants to go up can.

    Thanks for the compliment! The team has all been working really hard to put this together! Marcy Eiben, Katie Warner, Jay Richards, Jason Brain! They are all amazing people and I a so grateful to them on this mission and inspired by their selfless and artistic drive!