Henry Howard

I write t.v. game shows to support my habit—of writing poetry! Let’s face it, it’s hard enough making a living in any genre of writing, but poetry? As Tony Soprano used to say so eloquently, FUGGEDABOUTIT! So I did the next best thing: I helped my dad write a Cable Ace Award-winning game show, Supermarket Sweep, which ran for fourteen years on Lifetime and PAX networks. That one success in the field of entertainment writing has given me the freedom to pursue the creative writing that has been a first love since my college days.     

So who am I, and why do I care so much about writing poetry? To begin with, I am a native New Yorker, living in Los Angeles since 1986. I first became interested in a career in writing as an undergraduate at Hampshire College, where I studied under a professor who became my mentor, brother and best friend during my student years. This professor believed in my potential both as a budding writer and a human being, and we did on-campus peace activism together that cemented our personal and professional relationship. As a result, I owe much of my passion for writing to this special teacher, since my work in literature is anchored by an equal passion for social justice. At present, I am a fiction writer and poet, and my efforts in both genres are linked by a commitment to human rights-and my belief in the power of words to unite everyone in building a better world.      

Find Henry’s work at: www.mothersvoicepoems.com/

                                              PUBLICATION CREDITS

The following collection of poems was published by Xlibris Corporation, April 26, 2012:

Mother’s Voice on Season’s Wind: Collected Poems of Henry Howard.

The following poems are included in an anthology, Cradle Songs: An Anthology of Poems About Motherhood, published by Quill and Parchment Press, May, 2012: Have a Good One,” and ”Apples and Honey.”

The following poem appeared as a single selection in an anthology, “Stars in Our Hearts,” By World Poetry Movement, December 20, 2011. Page 48:

Mother’s Voice on Season’s Wind.”

The following poem appeared in the San Gabriel Valley Poetry Quarterly, Vol. 37, Spring, 2008 (the Weather Edition—Editor/Publisher Don Fisher Campbell):

Love’s Footsteps, Receding into Snow

The following poems appeared both in PoetsAgainstWar.org (Publisher Sam Hamill) and Quill and Parchment.com(Editor-in-Chief Sharmagne Leland-St. John):

Flames and Shadows (Poets Against War, 2/07/03; Quill and Parchment, 3/03)

Disappeared in the USA (Poets Against War, 2/20/03; Quill and Parchment, 4/03)

Pictures at an Exhibition (Poets Against War, 5/25/04; Quill and Parchment, 9/04/04

The following poems first appeared exclusively in Quill and Parchment.com

You Were There When I Won (June 2003)
Heaven and Hell on Angel’s Landing (March 2004)
Whispers in the Desert(January2006)
140,000 SECONDS (August 2007
When the Sun Eats the Sky (August 2007) 

The following poems first appeared exclusively in PoetsAgainstWar.org

I’m Taking the Liberty of Defending Civil Liberty (renamed There Can be No Liberty Without Defending Civil Liberties) (6/17/04)

Nightmares in the Water (8/11/08)

First Man to Take Me to Jail (8/11/08)

Gold Star Reflecting Sunlight and Unity (9/13/08)

For a Palestinian and an Israeli Sister, Both Exploded (9/22/08)

Regime Change (10/29/08)

The Year of the Woman (10/29/08)

Crosses in the Sand (11/13/08)—Selected as one of November’s “Poems of the Month


P.E.N. (National)—Associate Member

P.E.N. USA (PEN WEST)—Associate Member


Contact info:  h-howard@hotmail.com                                                                         (310) 490-4140 (cell)

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