Jason Brain

Lifelong Angeleno, Jason Brain’s favorite hobby is breathing.  When he’s not breathing, Jason is an up-and-coming Spoken Word Poet with a few self-published digital chapbooks written and available to the public, including his Mix-Tape chapbook series; a burgeoning Visual Artist (of photography and geometry); a One-Act playwright who recently completed his “365 Day, 365 One Act” anthology, Amerikana:365, in 2010; the creator and host of Soapbox Sessions, an established weekly Open Mic night in Encino for musicians, poets, comedians, and all; and is a guy who likes to make time to play sports, stretch and meditate, and enjoy the little things in life (like beautiful sunsets and delicious tea) in between it all.  He hopes to meet you very soon.

Website: www.jasonbrain360.com

Twitter: @jasonbrain360

Facebook: www.facebook.com/jasonbrain360

Email: jasonbrain360@gmail.com

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C.R. Cohen’s love affair with words and the arts has lead her on a lifelong journey as a poet and writer and an art activist, founding Artists Underground, to bring networking, resources and advice to artists, and joining forces with Soapbox Nation to provide creative career consultations and artist services to help artists get further faster.

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