Katherine Warner

Katie was born in Hollywood and got started in the arts several times. From stapling printer paper into novellas during kindergarten to borrowing excessively beyond her limit at the library, she has always loved stories. She has an antiquated website, dorkdesign.com, which she began in art school and often forgets she has, and a blog, mydrawlings.blogspot.com which gets even less of her attention. She once wanted to be a lawyer when she grew up, then a ballerina, an actress, a graphic designer, a singer, an illustrator, a teacher, AND a production designer…when finally realizing the flaw of the pursuit, she gave up on growing up altogether. She now divides her time between finding new ways to challenge her creative intellect, new artists to collaborate with, and any number of overambitious personal projects. Her two favorite quotes are “I do many things well, none of which generate income.” – Unattributed, and “I often quote myself. It adds spice to my conversation.” – George Bernard Shaw

Katie is happy to correspond at dorkdesign@gmail.com

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C.R. Cohen’s love affair with words and the arts has lead her on a lifelong journey as a poet and writer and an art activist, founding Artists Underground, to bring networking, resources and advice to artists, and joining forces with Soapbox Nation to provide creative career consultations and artist services to help artists get further faster.

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