Marcy Eiben

Marcy Eiben was born in Los Angeles in 1984. She attended a private school, Delphi Academy, where she began as an artist at a young age. She took every art class available in school, drawing  still lifes and poses, painting in various mediums, and many other fun forms of art, including even candle carving.

After completing her schooling, she continued to draw & paint in her spare time. She lived in LA until ’07, when she moved to San Diego. In 2009 her daughter, Sierra, was born. Sierra also loves to paint & draw.

In 2008 Marcy held her first art show at LaKay Studios in Burbank, CA. She held her next major art show in downtown Los Angeles in October 2010.  In November 2010 she held her first art show in San Diego.

Marcy loves trying out many different mediums, including oil, watercolor, acrylic, pencil, charcoal, prismacolor and mixed media.

Follow Marcy on Facebook at MarcyEibenArtist

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