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Tessa Maurer was born in August of 1992 in Los Angeles, California where she still resides. She grew up in a family full of creative people, from musicians to actors to comic book illustrators and more. With all of that to follow up, it was rather inevitable that she, too, would venture into the creative world. Her drive and ambition to do big things helped, too. She may not be a known name yet, but that’s all the more reason to pay attention to her now. That way, you can say you knew about her before she was famous. Also, everything will probably be cheaper.

Just don’t let her young age fool you. She has been writing seriously for seven years, doing photography for twelve, Photoshopping for seven or eight and drawing since she could improperly hold a pencil (this is still the case, but there’s no use in changing it now).
In writing she tends towards fantasy (although she will write anything that alights in her mind) and has written over 400,000 words of fiction. In drawing, however, she prefers to be as realistic as she can manage. She prefers Photoshopping people and photographing still life/nature. Her drawing specialty is pencil (graphite) portraits of people, but she claims she can draw just about anything if she can see it. Her drawing philosophy is that everything is a “shape or a shade”, which explains her rather preposterous claim. She is known to dabble in digital art and acrylic paint as well.

At present (summer of 2012), she does not have much in the way of pricing when it comes to drawing, photography or Photoshopping, but she welcomes offers, so if you’re interested in buying something or requesting a commissioned drawing, you can contact her at TessaRoseMaurer@gmail.com. She is also willing to Photoshop, with her specialty being retouching people. If you have something to say relating to her writing (the books, which are her main venture and love, are in progress), she welcomes that, too, although she has no idea what you might want.

See more of Tessa’s art on her Facebook Fan Page: www.facebook.com/ArtOfTessaMaurer


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