Elle Savage

Elle Savage is 26 years old. She got into photography in college and started taking classes. It was one of those things that seemed to “come naturally” to her. The world agreed with the idea that she was a photographer and even as a student she started getting work shooting for people. In 2004 she bought her first digital camera. That’s right, she went to the “dark side” as she always used to call it. That was when she really started to produce. With digital evolving the way it was she could get the high quality that she wanted without as much cost. This is when she discovered her passion for portraits. People are what interest her. She loves people of all shapes and sizes and personalities. Elle thinks this is why she can capture them the way that she does. She is good at making people comfortable and that is when they are at their best. In fact, while she has shot many professional models and actors, a lot of her artist portraits are of “regular” people, for lack of a better word. She gets an idea of what she wants to communicate about a person and their personality and come with ideas inspired by the subjects themselves.
Elle has been following this passion for 8 years now. Currently she volunteers and helps people with their lives every day, as people are still her soft spot, but she photographs a lot and, as art is what makes life worth living, she will always be doing it.
In the last couple of years she has traveled to various places and I decided to focus on land, sea and cityscapes for a change. She decided to see if i could make this area as interesting to her as the life she sees in individuals. She has travelled near and far and seen beauties that we don’t always take the time to stop and notice. From the forests of Canada, to the  canals of Venice and even her own back yard the day after a good rain. There are stories that go with each and things are not always so easily won but each time she made it happen and as her father would say, “I got the shot.”
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