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Cara Rowen is a Los Angeles artist, poet and writer working on her first novel entitled Dust. A hard working member of Soapbox International’s Danger Team, with a strong dedication to the arts and giving back to the community, she has interest in geek culture and humor, fashion, baking, and music. Cara Rowen is known for her fun, bubbly, and sarcastic personality. http://cararowen.tumblr.com
Website: http://cararowen.tumblr.com
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Crafting Personality Part II: Traits, Quirks, and Habits

E.E. Cummings Quote

  What up, Artists? Let’s continue our discussion on building a character’s personality. Since we’ve already talked about differentiation, we can now go on to talk about all of the other parts of personality. I’m talking about traits, quirks, mannerisms, habits, preferences, and everything else. It’s a lot to take in so let’s try and […]

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