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Welcome to Bastard Child Bootcamp!

We know you’re raring to get this show on the road, so we’ll get right to it.

You know, we know, everyone knows you’ve got talent. On second thought, maybe noteveryone. And that’s the fucking point!

The purpose of this bootcamp is to get you on track to changing that!

Art is art and business is business – and then the two worlds collide.

Now if you’re wearing on the tip of your tongue a well-polished speech about Art with a capital A, ART in caps or art in a British accent, or about Business having no business in Art then you can get the hell out. This isn’t the course for you.

There’ll be people who will hate me, touting desecration of the sanctity of art, and that’s fine. But if you want to succeed you need to learn the business of art or when you fail don’t come cryin’ to me ’cause you’ve got no business doin’ so.

Don’t misunderstand me. I get it. We are all about creating. We are all about being against the system. Down with the Man, and all that. I get it. I do. Business is a dirty in art. But I’m sorry, I’m not gonna use any other word to make you feel better.

This course is for artists who understand that, given the choice between shaking their creative money-maker and rotting in the societal cesspool known as the 9 to 5, they’d be flashin’ that tail in a second!


Who’s left? If I haven’t scared you away, this camp is for you.

You’re in it for the long haul. You’re gonna make it or die in the attempt. God darn it, I like you! You’re brave. You’re courageous. You are an artist. And artists are my favorite type of people. Artist have balls if nothing else. A rare bread who can be vulnerable, sensitive yet determined and perseverant all at once. Artist – you knock my socks off!

So if you’re ready to put your head down, grit your teeth and move your ass for the next 3 months, you’ll come up for air on the other side with a well-designed beginning to your own artistic business.

Hold on to your butts, your creative career is about to get awesome!

How It Works

SYLLABUS (Click to Download)

Week 1: Declarations

–       Select your partner

–       Declare what you

–       Tell friends and family


Week 2: Time Management

–       Make a schedule Part I

–       Make a schedule Part II

–       Acceptable Time Wasters

–       Your Crutches


Week 3: Doubts

–       Doubts & Reversals

–       Imposed Negative Realities & Reversals


Week 4: Branding

–       Write Your Bio

–       Artist’s Statement

–       Artist’s Headshot


Week 5: Website

–       Domain Name

–       Website Builders

–       Add Bio & Photo


Week 6: Social Media I

–      The Importance of Platform 

–      Facebook & Twitter


Week 7: Social Media II

–      HootSuite & Linking Accounts

–       The Email List

–       Mail Chimp


Week 8: Business Cards

–       Design

–       VistaPrint &

–       Local Printers


Week 9: Product Development

–       Name Your Product

–       Name Your Price

–       Name Your Market


Week 10: Merchant Accounting

–       PayPal, Square & Readers

–       Sales Permits & Sales Tax


Week 11: Storefronts & Revenue Streams

–       Set Up Storefront

–       CD Baby, CreateSpace, Etsy, Zazzle


Week 12: Content

–       Posts & Updates

–       Contests & Giveaways

–       Quick Tips


Week 13: Social Interaction

–       Participate with Peers & Idols

–       Engaging with Fan Base


Week 14: Product Launch

–       Hand to Hand Sales

–       Product Launch Event

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C.R. Cohen’s love affair with words and the arts has lead her on a lifelong journey as a poet and writer and an art activist, founding Artists Underground, to bring networking, resources and advice to artists, and joining forces with Soapbox Nation to provide creative career consultations and artist services to help artists get further faster.

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