How It Works


Alright, you Bastards!

Here’s how it works:


The event page has been set up for this bootcamp as a means of interacting with each other. Use the event page on Facebook as an outlet for support, advice and camaraderie. Interact with each other, dammit!

You will also be posting your homework here. Sonovabitch! What? Homework?!
Yes. Homework. Deal with it.

The event page is like your home base. Or base camp. Or, I don’t know, fuckin’ whatever. You get the idea.


Download a copy of the weekly schedule of the material we will be covering.


It’s all mapped out here. Be ready. No lame dog-ate-my-homework excuse. I mean, come on, you can be more creative than that. You’re artists, after all. At least a little ‘chinchilla pooped on my iPad’ action. I mean, really!

But, seriously, be ready.


One of the great formulas for success has often been some form of accountability. I know that when I did NaPoWriMo (National Poetry Writing Month – a poem a day for a whole month) in April, accountability was key! First of all, I was doing it alongside a fellow poet, so seeing him post everyday was a good kick in the ass to do mine too. Secondly, I was posting my daily poem to my website and Facebook Page with people watching and expecting me to do it, including my mom and some of my close friends. Suddenly, not posting a poem would be letting them down! Brilliant!

As part of this bootcamp, you will be posting your weekly homework assignments to the event page. How’s that for accountability? Oh yeah, and every time you don’t post your homework, a baby dolphin dies in Japanese tuna nets. Save the baby dolphins, you insensitive bastard.


I was serious about that homework thing. How do you expect to get anything done if you don’t get anything done?

Do you have a website? A business card?
An album for sale?

Well, exactly. Point made.

And if you do (gold star and cookie for you, first off), if you do, you can graduate to the Next Level baller version. Hey-oh! Take that well deserved victory lap.

Alright. Now get to work.


One thing about artists is that, for the most part, we are communal people. We like to be around each other. Well, except for Emily Dickenson. (poetry nerd joke, sorry) We like to share. We like approval. We like support.

Therefore, again, the event page was designed as a snuggly virtual campfire where we can all join hands and sing Kumbayah.

It’s that lifeline at 3 o’clock in the morning when you are about to eat the entire tub of ice cream and wash it down with a bottle of Cherry NyQuil. Put the bottle down. Put the bottle down.


Simon & Garfunkel, Thelma & Louise, Beniffer – okay forget that last one. Point is, a good partnership is priceless. You will be partnering up with someone in this group who has a similar goal to get out of the grind and into the limelight. It will be their job to push, jab, whip and nag you to the top! Your partner is your best friend and your worst enemy. Love to hate and hate to love.

Your own little pocket Garfunkel.

Soooo – there you have it folks! Suit up. Let’s roll.


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