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Spotlight on the Artist – Sonia Romero

Bees by Sonia Romero

Spotlight on the Artist is a new column written by Lety Keller, exclusively for Artists Underground. If you know an artist who deserves a day in the spotlight, please contact Lety at I had the pleasure of meeting with Sonia Romero in early March at her Avenue 50 Studio in Highland Park. Sonia and I have the same high school alma […]

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Successful Artists Lead

You Are A Leader

Any artist with big success has fans. You want fans. But what are fans? Fans are followers. Followers follow a leader. Successful artists are leaders. You must be a leader. Word-of-Mouth Marketing guru Seth Godin in his book Tribes talks about this very thing. He states, “A tribe is a group of people connected to one […]

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