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The Well-Fed Artist

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Successful Artists Lead

You Are A Leader

Any artist with big success has fans. You want fans. But what are fans? Fans are followers. Followers follow a leader. Successful artists are leaders. You must be a leader. Word-of-Mouth Marketing guru Seth Godin in his book Tribes talks about this very thing. He states, “A tribe is a group of people connected to one […]

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Managing Your Career


You are a business. Yes, you. You think you’re an artist; of course, it is a lot more fashionable to say so, but you are a business. To be productive, all businesses need good management. Time management is one key to this. But production management is another. So how does one manage production? With focus and […]

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Restructuring for Success


As artists, we all have problems with motivation every now and then. On Artists Underground, we have discussed a few ways to become and stay motivated, including using time efficiency and accountability. Another way to keep motivated is to surround yourself with artists and individuals who are better than you. “You are the average of the […]

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5 Tips for Negotiating


As many of you artists are primarily freelance, independent contractors on a work-for-hire basis, it is important for you to understand a couple of basics of negotiation. The tips below work very well in negotiating pay or the sale of a piece of art, but the concepts can carry over into many, many other realms […]

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