Managing Your Career


You are a business. Yes, you. You think you’re an artist; of course, it is a lot more fashionable to say so, but you are a business. To be productive, all businesses need good management. Time management is one key to this. But production management is another. So how does one manage production? With focus and […]

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Giving Birth To A Character

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Our newest AU contributor is Cara Rowen, an amazing poet and fiction writer with a great passion for art and artists. She has a wonderful ability to empathize with and capture the many emotions and nuances of character and personality, which comes through brilliantly in her own writing. Each week she will bring tips to the […]

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Restructuring for Success


As artists, we all have problems with motivation every now and then. On Artists Underground, we have discussed a few ways to become and stay motivated, including using time efficiency and accountability. Another way to keep motivated is to surround yourself with artists and individuals who are better than you. “You are the average of the […]

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