5 Tips for Negotiating


As many of you artists are primarily freelance, independent contractors on a work-for-hire basis, it is important for you to understand a couple of basics of negotiation. The tips below work very well in negotiating pay or the sale of a piece of art, but the concepts can carry over into many, many other realms […]

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Week 14: The Importance of the Product Launch Event


You have managed to battle the ups and downs, ins and outs of the creative world. You’ve slayed your demons, tossed aside your crutches, and let go of your delusions. You’ve created your website, built your artist’s platform, and developed your product. You are amazing! You are ready! This is a big deal! So make a big deal about it! You […]

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Week 13B: Engage Your Fan Base to Increase Fan Loyalty and Interaction


Earlier we covered how to create content to increase traffic toward your website and how to interact with your peers and idols to help further your career. Below are a few more tips on quick things you can do to get the conversation going with your fans on Twitter, Facebook and your other social sites. Create Lists. […]

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