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Week 13B: Engage Your Fan Base to Increase Fan Loyalty and Interaction


Earlier we covered how to create content to increase traffic toward your website and how to interact with your peers and idols to help further your career. Below are a few more tips on quick things you can do to get the conversation going with your fans on Twitter, Facebook and your other social sites. Create Lists. […]

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Week 6: The Artist’s Platform – What Agents, Publishers & Record Execs are Looking for Now

Social Media

In today’s world, platform is everything. As an artist, it is not enough to be talented. Record companies, agents, managers and publishers are also looking for platform. What is Platform? Platform is your visibility as an artist. It’s about your reach and your influence. How many people can you reach and will they actually listen […]

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Week 1: Declarations


Declaring What You Want Nothing ever happened that someone didn’t decide was going to happen. In other words, what the hell do you want? If you haven’t figured that out yet, now is a good time to start! Want an album? Want a novel? Want to go on a globe-trotting tour across Europe? Name it. […]

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